What is Clove?

Clove is a dried, unopened flower bud of a tropical clove tree (Syzygium aromaticum-Eugenia caryophyllata) of the genus Syzygium, sometimes attributed to the genus Eugenia of the Myrtle family (Myrtaceae).

A beautiful clove is a very slender evergreen tree with a thick crown, which has a pyramidal shape. As a rule, it grows to 12 meters; in rare cases, it is possible to meet specimens and up to 20 meters. All parts of the tree contain an incredibly fragrant essential oil. Durable trunk covered with dark gray bark, it carries a vast number of lateral branches.

Opposite elongated leaves of elliptical or ovoid shape in length grow to 15 cm. Leathery whole-cut foliage expressed in dark green color. On the upper side of each leaf are small glands.

The flowers of the clove tree are of a peculiar rotate form, something like a wheel, and several are borne together in a loose, graceful cyme, which exquisitely forms paniculate inflorescences at the ends of the branches.

Health Benefits of Cloves

Clove tree has long been used in folk medical practices as a tonic, antiseptic. Tincture of clove buds is used to disinfect the mouth and throat, as well as a stimulating gastric agent. The disinfecting properties of the buds of the clove tree were recognized in the Middle Ages. During total cholera and plague, recommended wearing beads from buds of a clove tree on a neck.

Cooking with Cloves

Dried clove buds as a spice are widely used in the canning, sausage, confectionery, and alcoholic beverage industries. They are added to spicy and marinated fish, various canned fish, fish and vegetable soup, hot smoked fish.

History of Clove

The clove tree has a relatively rich and exciting history. Local tribes have long used the buds of the clove tree as a spice and a cure for toothache.

Even before the new era, its therapeutic properties were known in India, China (long before our time), Egypt. Mummies of ancient Egyptians with necklaces of buds of clove trees are found.

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